Pedestrian Walkway Gate

pedestrian safety gate

MLG gate used as a pedestrian walkway gate

We were contacted by a customer in Texas who wanted to put up some safety gates to alert employees and visitors of their noisy location to the heavy vehicle traffic. They used our MLG ladder gates to accomplish this. The safety swing gates are installed so that the user must pull the gate towards them and then step through the opening. This way they cannot just cross the heavy machinery vehicle traffic without being alerted to the large trucks that constantly pass by.

Our powder coat yellow gate closely matches their existing handrail in both the color and rail dimensions. The gate swings one way, but it can be flipped on the horizontal and vertical axis to achieve a left hand swing, a right hand swing, and a swing in, or swing out.

In this instance the existing handrail was a 1-1/2” sq. tube so they were able to bolt the gate to their handrails using the supplied U-bolts. Installation took about five minutes per safety swing gate.

Why are gates needed in areas like this? Look at the below reminders for pedestrians when around fork lifts and heavy machinery traffic from OSHA’s website :

  • Be aware that lift trucks cannot stop suddenly. They are designed to stop slowly to minimize load damage and maintain stability.
  • Stand clear of lift trucks in operation.
  • Avoid a run-in. The driver’s visibility may be limited due to blind spots.
  • Be aware of the wide rear swing radius.
  • Use pedestrian walkways, or stay to one side of the equipment aisle.
  • Never pass under an elevated load.

OSHA suggests that plant managers separate pedestrians from lift trucks by providing pedestrian walkways with permanent railings or other protective barriers, adequate walking space at least on one side, if pedestrians must use equipment aisles or pedestrian walkway striping on the floor, and/or if barriers cannot be used.

OSHA requires that permanent aisles and passageways be free from obstructions and appropriately marked where mechanical handling equipment is used. [29 CFR 1910.176(a)]

For the above customer, our MLG ladder safety gates helped them meet OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.176(a) in a cost effective and safe manner.



3 thoughts on “Pedestrian Walkway Gate

  1. Scott Thomas

    I need some information on the Pedestrian swing gates what size they come in , can they bolt up to square post and the cost

    1. Brett Post author

      The gates shown above are our MLG gates. They come in sizes to fit everything from a 13-3/4″ opening up to a 50-1/2″ opening. They can bolt onto round or square tube up to 2″ o.d. and can also be surface mounted to flat stock, angle iron or to the wall. These gates require a post or wall on each side of the gate. For areas that do not have something on the opposite side as mounting to, you can use our AG style gate as it has a built in adjustable stop.

  2. Rose Henderson

    These gates are such a great idea! I wish we could have some of these installed at my university too. You don’t know how close I have gotten to hitting someone who didn’t look before they stepped out onto the road.


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