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In-plant Offices, Modular Office Buildings, Clean Rooms

Build a custom work environment with A-Mezz modular buildings

We provide efficient and flexible demountable wall systems that can easily and quickly be assembled to meet your needs at a fraction of the cost and disruption conventional construction often can be.

Our portable wall systems are used for simple in-plant office space such as a shipping receiving office, a plant or warehouse supervisor's office, meeting, lunch or locker rooms. Our portable wall systems are often also used for more complex needs, such as a process control room, labs, cleanrooms, sound enclosure, electrical equipment rooms or any equipment enclosures. The uses are endless and up to you. Every plant needs rooms. What is your need?

A-Mezz modular wall systems are Green, environmentally friendly. Our wall systems are demountable, 100% reusable and easily adapt to your changing needs. Across the country commercial landlords use our demountable wall systems instead of permanent construction because steel stud where a fire wall is not required is labor intensive, expensive and inflexible in an ever changing environment. One hundred percent of Steel stud and drywall as well as internal electrical must be torn down and end up in a landfill each time a new tenant signs a lease and request a change in the office layout. One hundred percent of our portable wall system (including electrical) is reusable.

A-Mezz In-plant Office Systems are:

Easy to assemble. Our paneled wall systems are quick and easy to assemble. No mess, no delays, no taping, sanding or painting.

Budget friendly. Not only are they less expensive to build, A-Mezz modular in-plant offices can be depreciated as portable equipment and may also have additional tax and depreciation benefits. Talk to your accountant to be sure.

Sound controlled. Our A-Wall panels have two layers of ½" gypsum, Poly-Stud construction and three separate sound reduction chambers.

Infinitely flexible. Any combination and arrangement of rooms and offices you can dream up, we can build. And we can help you build it in the most efficient way by using existing and common walls.

Low Smoke Contamination. Other manufacture’s of modular panel systems use a solid sheet of polystyrene ESP board as the panel core. In a fire, this ESP material burns rapidly, giving off large amounts of black toxic smoke. These manufactures will argue that this is not a concern since the ESP board is sandwiched between gypsum or some other fire retardant materials. The problem with their argument is at the panel post connection. Modular wall partition panels held together with light weight hollow steel or aluminum post. These posts will quickly distort and fail when exposed to assembled near extreme heat.

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