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photo of framed welded wire machine guarding interlocked gate
photo of wire machine fencing with lockable door

Wire Mesh Partitions & Woven Wire Security Cages

Wire mesh partitions and security cages secure areas, prevent pilferage, enclose workspaces, and control access in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers.

Our wire partition is an extremely tough but attractive system for separating and securing any space. We secure 8 gauge wire in a grid pattern 1-1/4" x 2-1/2" welded at each intersection. The process creates more than 500 welds in a 4' x 8' panel and that produces a wire mesh partition panel that is substantially stronger than woven wire partitions, as confirmed by independent testing. 

We offer a framed panel , as well as an unframed welded wire panel with a capping channel to allow for customization in the field. The unframed panel allows for virtually unlimited panel sizes without having a custom panel size setup charge. They can be notched out to clear conduit, beams, ducts, etc. while still providing a strong, secure barrier suitable for both loss prevention and OSHA machine guarding. 

Our modular door system can be supplied with electric strikes, snap locks, interlocks, cylinder locks, and padlock hasps. Keypads can be supplied for single hinge and single slide doors. Hinge doors can also be optioned with a hydraulic closer to meet DEA requirements. 

Modular security partitions

Security Partition - Ideal for large and small warehouses

Complete Wire Enclosure

A- For corner installation
B- For installation along existing wall
C- Self-enclosed 4-wall
SIZE (ft)
W x D x H
10 x 10 x 8' 210108 310108 410108
20 x 10 x 8' 220108 320108 420108
20 x 15 x 8' 220158 320158 420158
30 x 20 x 8' 230208 330208 430208
20 x 20 x 10' 2202010 3202010 4202010
10 x 10 x 8' R210108 R310108 R410108
20 x 10 x 8' R220108 R320108 R420108
20 x 20 x 8' R220208 R320208 R420208
30 x 20 x 8' R230208 R330208 R430208
10 x 10 x 10' R2101010 R3101010 R4101010
20 x 15 x 10' R2201510 R3201510 R4201510
20 x 20 x 10' R2202010 R3202010 R4202010


Wire Mesh Rack Guards

Model Size CAT# Model Size CAT# Model Size CAT#
RG83 8' x 3' RG84 8' x 4' RG85 8' x 5'
RG93 9' x 3' RG94 9' x 4' RG95 9' x 5'
RG103 10' x 3' RG104 10' x 4' RG105 10' x 5'
RG113 11' x 3' RG114 11' x 5' RG115 11' x 5'
RG123 12' x 3' RG124 12' x 4' RG125 12' x 5'

* Included 4 mounting brackets per panel.
* Custom sizes available.

Wire Mesh Perimeter Guards

5' H Panels, CAT# Width Notes
PG51 1' Order

Line Post

Corner Post

Swing door
3' wide
PG52 2'
PG53 3'
PG54 4'
PG55 5'
PG56 6'
PG57 7'
PG58 8'
PG59 9'
PG510 10'

Hinge Door Sizes: 

Single Hinged: 
34" wide x 58"h, 82"h, and 94"h
46" wide x 58"h, 82"h, and 94"h
58" wide x 82"h

Pair Hinged: 
70" wide x 58"h, 82"h, and 94"h
94" wide x 58"h, 82"h, and 94"h

Slide Door Sizes: 

Single Slide: 
34" wide x 82"h, and 94"h
46" wide x 82"h, and 94"h
58" wide x 82"h, and 94"h
70" wide x 82"h, and 94"h
94" wide x 82"h, and 94"h

Pair Slide: 
70" wide x 82"h, and 94"h
94" wide x 82"h, and 94"h

Clear Access Slide (no track above opening: 
Single Slide: 70" wide x 58"h, and 82"h
Paired Slide: 94" wide x 82"h, and 94"h




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