photo of fixed ladder with cage photo of metal ladder detail photo of exterior building ladder and steel safety cage

Fixed Ladders & Accessories

Fixed ladders offer safety, strength and stability

A-Mezz fixed ladders and cages are heavy-duty, safe and strong. We have OSHA-compliant access ladders for nearly any structure, from walls and warehouses to silos bridges and roof hatches.

Our steel ladders and cages are coated with a tough powder coat finish. Choose from 11 colors including gray, black, safety yellow, beige and brown. Mill finish aluminum, stainless steel and hot dip galvanized options are also available.

image of access ladder color options


Fixed ladders can be customized with:

  • Longer standoff brackets to clear roof gutters, flashing, coping, conduit and other obstructions
  • Step across platforms and parapet crossover rails for tall (greater than 14") parapets, gutters that extend more than 5" from the wall, wall crossovers, and areas where the step across distance from the ladder rung to the nearest step-off point is greater than 12".
  • Lockable security rung door at the bottom ladder rungs or bi-parting lockable cage doors at the bottom of cages are available for increased safety and security. They help to prevent unauthorized ladder access by both inquisitive children as well as criminals such as copper thieves. 
  • Loose standoff brackets for bolting or welding onto the fixed ladder in the field for flexibility with mounting locations and lengths because not all mounting locations are clear smooth walls. 
  • Modular construction of 7' or smaller sections for the ladders and cages for tough to get to install locations
  • Bolt on floor mount brackets for increased stability and strength
  • Increased side member sizes for extra heavy duty access needs.

drawing of a permanent access ladder with crossover and security ladder guard doorCustom ladder used for a roof with parapet, includes a  
lockable security ladder rung guard to restrict unauthorized access


Please let us know about your special site conditions and we will work with you to come up with an economic solution that meets OSHA and ANSI federal safety standards.


photo of fixed ladder rungsCloseup of ladder rung and side member construction


Learn more about our steel ladders and ladder safety gates:

Standard Fixed Ladder (FLS)
Fixed Ladder with Walkthru Handrails (FLW)
Fixed Ladder with Safety Cages (FLSC)
Fixed Ladder with Walkthru Handrails and Safety Cages (FLWC)
Welded Steel Cage (C)
MLG Ladder Safety Gates

Standard Fixed Ladder (Series FLS)

Our FLS series ladders are the most basic of the four types permanent access ladders. These fixed ladders can be used with roof hatches, manholes and also in instances that require a side exit such as the photo below. This ladder is appropriate for climbs under 24' without additional fall protection or over 24' if used with a fall protection device. 

  • Use: Access to a roof hatch, floor hatch, manhole or side step exit.
  • Assembly: Our fixed ladders are heavy duty. Most sizes are one-piece welded construction. Modular option are available for easy transport and assembly.
  • Side members: ¼" x 2" x 2" steel angle.
  • Rungs and brackets: ¾" corrugated steel round rungs on 12" centers and 7" standoff brackets (longer standoff brackets are available and may be required to meet OSHA standards).
  • Capacity: 300 lbs.

metal ladder for emergency egress from catwalk

Fixed ladder (FLS Series) used for emergency egress 
with side exit from mezzanine catwalk


Fixed Ladder with Walk-Thru Handrails (Series FLW)

Our FW series ladders have a 42" walk through handrail as required by OSHA standards. This ladder would be appropriate for accessing roof tops from the exterior of the building, to access mezzanines and other elevated platforms, docks and can also be used as wall crossover ladders. As with the FLS ladders, the FLW fixed ladders are an uncaged option so they can only be used on climbs of 24' or less without a fall protection system. 

  • Same specs as Fixed Ladder (FLS) above with additional handrail feature
  • Use: all climbs not terminating at a hatch or manhole opening, and not exiting to the side. 
  • Walk Through Handrails: 42" above landing surface. Extends 15-1/4" from ladder rungs.  Made of 1" diameter tubing spaced 24" apart to meet OSHA 1910.23 requirements. 
  • Walk through handrails are also available with a self supported walk through handrail for those unique installation requirements such as a low parapets, sloped roofs, un-penetrable roof membranes, etc. and with a step across platform for instances where holding the ladder the 7" required distance off the gutter would create a step across distance greater than 12". 

Fixed Ladder with Safety Cages (Series FLSC)

Our FLSC series fixed ladders are the same as the FLS ladders, only these ladders have a cage installed. They are available for climbs of 11' up to 30'. The ladder cage is also available with a side exit at the top to either the right or left side.

  • Same specs as (FLS) fixed ladder with additional safety cage feature
  • Usage: Climbing 11' to 30' to a roof hatch, floor hatch, manhole or for ladders requiring a side exit
  • Ladder cage is flared at the bottom for easy entry. 
  • Side step ladder cage design: Left or right side step exit cage design available at no additional cost.

Fixed Ladder with Walk-Through Handrails & Safety Cages (Series FLWC)

Our FLWC series of fixed ladders have the same 42" walk-through handrail as the FLW ladders, as well as a cage that runs to 42" above the top rung. These access ladders can be used for heights of 8' up to 30'. They are welded in one piece10 to 14 rung models and spliced into two or more sections on 15 rung to 30 rung ladders.

  • Same specs as Fixed Ladder with additional walk through handrails & safety cage features
  • Cage begins 6' 9" from bottom rung

Drawing of a walk through cage
Modular bolt-on welded steel cage section and for through ladder (FLW, FLWC)

Welded Steel Cage (C)

Our steel fixed ladder cages are designed for use either with our ladders in a bolt on setup or with other existing ladders with a weld on configuration. All you need to know is the existing ladder's height, width and side member construction and we will match the proper cage to it. The welded steel cage is available for ladders with both the walk through handrail and those without.

Although cages are not required by OSHA standards anymore as they have changed to require cable and track systems utilizing harnesses, ladder cages have always been and will still be available as a safety need. Cable systems require the ladder climber to have a harness in order to utilize the safety benefit whereas cages are always in place. Having a cage on your ladder protects the climber regardless to whether or not they brought the additional equipment needed to safely use the other fall protection systems on ladders. 

The prior OSHA standard required cages on all ladders only after the ladder climb was taller than 20', but most of our caged ladders installed incorporated cages at lower heights so even though the OSHA standards do not require them anymore, we will continue to offer this safety option. 

  • Use: To attach to existing fixed ladders up to 20" wide - customized options available. 
  • Assembly: Heavy-duty one piece welded. Modular spliced cage sections are also available.
  • Standard Lengths: varies from 7'6" to 27'6"
  • Custom Length: Cage should begin 7'-8' above floor and extend 42" above landing surface (except when used with hatches)
  • Cage Design: Flared at the bottom for easy entry. Designed for OSHA standards
  • Welded steel cages are available as a weld on unit, or as a bolt on design to attach to your existing fixed roof ladder (FLS or FLW models)

Photo of a ladder safety gateSelf closing ladder safety gate - safety yellow finish 
attached with U-bolts to square tube

Ladder Safety Gates

A ladder is just part of the safety story. A ladder safety gate can help you fully comply with OSHA standards and improve worker safety. Our safety gates are engineered with the same heavy-duty materials as our ladders. They can be used on mezzanines, stairways, ladders and more. They attach to round or square pipe, flat stock, angle iron and can even be attached to a flat wall for locations with railing on only one side.


Safety ladder inspection checklist:

ladder safety inspection checklist


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Ladders and safety gates face strict OSHA regulations. To help you meet code, we highly recommend a consulting session with an A-Mezz expert


Printable Fixed Ladder Worksheet:

Fixed ladder worksheet


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