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Self Closing Ladder Safety Gates

MLG Industrial Ladder Safety Gates

Our ladder safety gates meet OSHA standards and feature:

  • Adjustable widths - Each gate has 5" to 10" adjustment
  • Self Closing - Closes automatically unlike chains
  • Versatile Mounting - Fits various railings or flat wall mounting
  • Easy Installation - Takes just one ½" wrench and 5 minutes
  • Anti-Slam - Adjustable slow close hinge design that has a lifetime warranty
  • Available Self Stop - Available with standard stop plate or with a self stopping design.
  • Lower Shipping Costs - Gate design nests to allow for smaller packaging - lowering your shipping costs by up to 10%

MLG gate unboxed

 Click HERE to see some examples of our MLG ladder safety gates in use

Many people ask "Do I need a ladder gate?"

  • Do you climb up your ladder and step off onto a platform?
  • Can walk straight down your stairs without any turns on the top landing?
  • Do you have a roof hatch opening that someone can fall through if left open?
  • Do you have heavy forklift traffic and need to alert your employees to it?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions the answer is most likely yes, you need a safety gate to meet OSHA standards.


Our ladder safety gates are available in safety yellow powder coat (P), galvanized (G), and stainless steel (S).

Each gate is universal, accommodating a left or right hand installation. This ensures your safety gate will fit regardless the configuration. Installation is a breeze, and the ladder safety gate comes fully assembled with U-bolts for standard installation.

The swing gate arm is fabricated to provide the greatest opening coverage. Top and bottom rails are spaced to match the standard rail dimensions required by OSHA. Our MLG gates fit various railing types up to 2" O.D. or flat surface mounting. Each ladder gate uses an anti-slam spring assembly for increased durability and a lifetime warranty. The anti-slam spring assembly can be adjusted for a slower or faster close. 

These gates can be used on ladders and stairs, across busy aisle-ways as a pedestrian traffic control gate, on scaffolding, mezzanines, pits and in many other places. The MLG Ladder Safety Gates are just that versatile.  We use these gates with our HSF roof hatch railings to prevent falls into unsecured hatch openings. Installation is a quick and easy and the safety gate has universal parts for easily reusing them in different locations.

Please contact our sales staff using the form on this page, or by calling 330-650-5561 for a quote. 


Mounting options for MLG gates

Standard MLG Ladder Safety Gate Single Sizes

  Gate Fits Opening
(up to 2" round)
Gate Fits Opening
(Square, Angle iron, Flatbar, or Wall mount)
Model Min. Max. Min. Max.
MLG1520 15" 20" 17-5/16" 23-9/16"
MLG2030 20" 30" 22-5/16" 32-9/16"
MLG3040 30" 40" 32-5/16" 42-9/16"
MLG4050 40" 50" 42-5/16" 52-9/16"



Self stopping MLG gate mounting options

Self Stopping MLG Ladder Safety Gate Single Sizes


Gate Fits Opening
(up to 2" round)

Gate Fits Opening
(Square, Angle iron, Flatbar, or Wall mount)

Model Min. Max. Min. Max.
MLG1520-STOP 15" 20" 17-5/16" 22-5/16"
MLG2030-STOP 20" 30" 22-5/16" 32-5/16"



Mounting options MLG double gate

MLG Ladder Safety Gate Double Sizes (Self Stop)

  Gate Fits Opening 
(up to 2" round)
Gate Fits Opening
(Square, Angle iron, Flatbar, or Wall mount)
Model Min. Max. Min. Max.
MLG2030-DBL-STOP 20" 30" 24-11/16" 24-11/16"
MLG3040-DBL-STOP 30" 40" 34-11/16" 44-11/16"
MLG4060-DBL-STOP 40" 60" 44-11/16" 64-11/16"


Click here for installation instructions for our MLG gate

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OSHA Reference:

29 CFR 1910.28(b)(3)(iv)

Each employee is protected from falling into a ladderway floor hole or ladderway platform hole by a guardrail system and toeboards erected on all exposed sides, except at the entrance to the hole, where a self-closing gate or an offset must be used.

(rev 11/18/2016)