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Mezzanines & Steel Mezzanine Floors Add Usable Storage Economically

A-Mezz Pre-Engineered Steel Mezzanines Floors and Equipment Platforms provide:

  • Flexible engineering. Our standard approach is not to be standard — A-Mezz engineered steel mezzanine floors are designed only after careful evaluation of our customer's requirements including intended use and existing site conditions. Yes you can purchase a simple “catalog style” structure from us. However, we are still going to ask a lot of up front questions to ensure the structure properly fits your needs and site conditions.
  • Strong industrial designs at a competitive price. Other steel mezzanine floor manufactures use designs that depend heavily on obstructive cross and knee bracing and the customer is often not informed of this until these braces show up on the approval drawing. At A-Mezz we do our best to avoid the use of obstructive bracing in our mezzanine floor designs while still providing you a high quality product at a fair and competitive price.
  • OSHA and State Building Code compliance. We design our mezzanines floor to comply with the customer's State Building Codes as well as comply with OSHA federal safety standards. Customer beware: a mezzanine structure designed to OSHA compliance along may not comply with your state and local building codes.

Unused vertical space drains your company's bottom line, and proper utilization can result in huge savings. Compared to a mezzanine floor, new construction is expensive and disruptive to facility operations. Using vertical space can double available square footage for equipment storage, modular in-plant office buildings, and materials inventory.

A-Mezz Steel mezzanines and equipment platforms are custom engineered and manufactured to meet your exact needs, and designed to be free standing and self supporting.

Our mezzanine floors are designed to meet AISC and ASTM standards, plus all state building codes and federal occupational safety standards (OSHA).

A-Mezz offers:

  • Systems designed under the direct supervision of a Professional Engineer experienced in mezzanine design and in accordance with AISC specifications.
  • Mezzanine floor decking options of steel roof deck and special composite top deck designed to handle heavy rolling loads, steel roof deck and floor plate, or steel open bar grating. We also design and prep for concrete decks upon request.
  • Heavy-duty columns providing the strength and loading capacity required for industrial and commercial applications.
  • Pre-fabricated steel mezzanine components require no assembly welding.
  • Wide selection of stairs and handrails are available to meet specified code and space requirements
  • Optional installation service by experienced contractors. Each A-Mezz mezzanine floor is warranted for workmanship and material.
  • To facilitate installation, all A-Mezz mezzanine components are piece marked with cross references to detail our easy to follow installation instructions and drawings.

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