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Industrial Material Lifts or Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC's)

A-Mezz material lifts – a safer choice for moving product

Material lifts go by many names: vertical lifts, freight lifts, freight elevators, and so on. But whatever you call them, the need is the same – to safely and quickly move product and material from one level to another. A-Mezz lifts can help you get the job done with an efficient custom design... all while protecting your workers and material from injury.

A-Mezz material handling lift features:

  • Custom designed to meet your specific needs, whether it's distribution, manufacturing or simply archiving records. Modular, cantilever, four-post designs - let us design your perfect lift.
  • Carries loads of all shapes, sizes and weights (up to 30,000 pounds).
  • Costs less to operate and maintain than elevators.
  • Advanced safety features protect your workforce. Safer than using a forklift or manpower.
  • Meets all OSHA standards with guaranteed code approval.

Standard Lift Designs

MM-B Series Modular Material Lifts image

MM-B Series Modular Material Lifts
Cost-effective, easy to install and self-contained. Perfect for lifting boxes, barrels and small items from floor to mezzanine.
Carriage floor: 3' x 3'
Capacity: 500 lbs
Lifting height: 12'

HC-D series lift photo

HC-D Series Mezzanine Lifts
A cantilevered design needs less clearance at the top and may be set up for Z, C or 90 degree loading. Can arrive prewired and preassembled.
Carriage floor: 6' x 6'
Capacity: 3,000 lbs
Lifting height: 14'

MTP-M Series Material Lifts photo

MTP-M Series Material Lifts
A dependable, hard-working choice for heavy duty lifting. Gives you access to two or more elevations.
Carriage floor: Custom sized
Capacity: 8,000 lbs
Lifting height: 200'

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Required Platform Size (The platform size should be at least 1 foot larger than the material being moved. Only enter the width and depth in feet/inches, ex. 5ft 4in. x 5ft 4in.:


Load Configuration (Our lifts have up to 3 available load/unload configurations. If you are unsure the type of configuration you are looking for, click here for details on each):

Number of Stops (The number of stops is the number of levels the lift will stop at for loading/unloading. A push button station will be located at each level indicated. If more than 6 stops are required, please indicate in the Special Requirements section at the end of this RFQ):

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