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A-Mezz Industrial Safety Barriers Reduce Costs and Protect Your Investment

Steel guard bollards, guardrails, machine guards, and horizontal safety guards from A-Mezz

A 5-ton forklift truck can do a great deal of damage with just one wrong turn. Protect your equipment, inventory and workers from workplace hazards with industrial safety guardrail from A-Mezz.

A-Mezz safety barriers are built and tested to meet all federal safety standards. But we don't stop there. We custom-engineer each guardrail system, making it strong enough to hold up to the rigors of the busiest workplace.

More guardrail sizes. Our standard size guardrail comes in 1' increments - not 2' increments like most manufacturers. That means less cutting charges and less wasted guardrail. When custom building your safety system, more efficient construction can lower your costs.

Stronger safety guard construction. Our guardrail posts are 5" thick, much sturdier than the typical 4" post. We also offset weld every base plate. No other guardrail manufacturer does this for free - if they do it at all.

More attention to detail. A-Mezz supplies all assembly hardware, including anchor bolts. Other places don't, won't, or can't even recommend the correct bolt to use. And we finish off your guardrail with brighter, longer lasting safety yellow enamel finish.

A-Mezz industrial guards REDUCE:

  • Downtime
  • Workers comp claims
  • Insurance premiums

A-Mezz industrial guards PROTECT:

  • Inventory
  • Electrical, gas and sprinkler systems
  • Building columns, walls and doors

Slideshow of different guards offered

Protective Guardrails, Std. Sizes

Nominal Rail Length  Catalogue #
10' GR-10
9' GR-9
8' GR-8
7' GR-7
6' GR-6
5' GR-5
4' GR-4
3' GR-3
2' GR-2

Special Sizes

Post Catalogue #
Single Rail Post SRP Height: 17" (Rail Ht. 15")
Double Rail Post DRP Height: 44" (Rail Ht. 42")
Lift-out brackets (2 per rail) LOB

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