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A-Mezz Roof Hatches, Galvanized Steel or Aluminum

A-Mezz hatches are secure, efficient and easy to install

A-Mezz roof hatches are an efficient answer to any roof access need you may have. We also have floor hatches for going the other direction in a safe, dependable way.

Our industrial and commercial hatches are:

Built for any use. From flat concrete roofs to sloping metal roofs and everything in between. A-Mezz hatches come in single door and double door models. We even have a sliding door roof hatch for high wind and heavy snow areas. We have a standard steel roof hatch, an aluminum roof hatch and a galvanized steel metal roof hatch option available. Custom finishes or stainless steel hatch hardware may be available. Please contact us for details.

Easy to install. A-Mezz roof hatches come fully-assembled and ready to install with little time or cost. Each model includes compression springs, hardware, and cover and curb insulation.

Secure. Roof hatch fasteners are concealed and can’t be tampered with from the outside. For protection against the elements, each hatch lid covers a 12” curb and flashing to avoid leakage.

Dependable. Each roof hatch is designed for years of dependable use, even in extreme weather. For extra protection and strength, galvanized hatches can feature a red oxide powder coating.

Roof Hatch Guards help you meet OSHA standards

OSHA is very specific about safety guards for roof access. This is especially important when the hatch is not near the edge of the roof or near obstructions. A-Mezz roof hatch guards make it easy to stay OSHA-compliant. Our guards fasten to the hatch, not your roof, making it easier to install, and our self-closing gates add another layer of safety.

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