photo of single door metal roof hatch photo of a double door steel roof hatch photo - large, open roof scuttle

Galvanized Steel Roof Hatches

Steel Roof Hatches

The MEZZ-Series Galvanized Steel Roof Hatch is manufactured from galvanized steel to ensure years of dependable use, even in most extreme weather conditions. The lids are mounted on a 12" curb with cap flashing to ensure against leakage. These metal hatches come standard with compression springs, zinc plated steel hardware, and insulation in the cover and at the curb perimeter.

The MEZZ-Series Galvanized steel roof access hatches come in red oxide powder coating for additional protection. Galvanized roof hatches offer cost savings over the more expensive aluminum options. For information on a roof hatch or roof hatch ladder package, please use the form on this page.

All MEZZ-Series hatches have the following available options: custom roof hatch sizes, stainless steel hardware, pitch corrected roof hatch curbs, curb mounted options for mounting to existing roof curb, double wall roof hatch curbs for concrete mount, taller roof hatch curbs for special applications, thicker insulation for roof hatch curbs, hurricane strength version for Miami-Dade county applications, Security series available for banks, prisons etc.. If there is a custom need you have that is not listed here please give us a call.

Steel Roof Hatch Specifications

Cover & Liner: 14-gauge galvanized steel cover with a 22-gauge steel liner
Curb: 14-gauge galvanized steel, Optional: Double wall curb (curb liner at exterior)
Hinge: Tamper-proof hinge contained within hatch as part of a spring assembly
Latch: Turn handle
Spring: Greased compression springs enclosed in telescopic tubes, which counterbalance the door to require no more than 10 pounds of opening force
Hardware: Zinc coated steel, Optional: Stainless steel
Insulation: 1" thick rigid fiberglass in cover and 1" at curb perimeterMounting Flange: 3½"
Finish: Factory applied powder finish

drawing of a single door roof access hatch

Roof Hatch Sizes

Single Door Construction Roof Hatches

24"x24" MEZZ-RHG2424 36"x30" MEZZ-RHG3630
30"x30" MEZZ-RHG3030 36"x36" MEZZ-RHG3636
30"x54" MEZZ-RHG3054 36"x96" MEZZ-RHG3696
30"x96" MEZZ-RHG3096 48"x48" MEZZ-RHG4848
36"x24" MEZZ-RHG3624 (RO - Rough Opening Required)

drawing of double door roof scuttle

Double Door Construction Roof Hatches

48"x60" MEZZ-RHG4860 60"x96" MEZZ-RHG6096
48"x72" MEZZ-RHG4872 72"x72" MEZZ-RHG7272
48"x96" MEZZ-RHG4896 72"x96" MEZZ-RHG7296
60"x60" MEZZ-RHG6060 96"x96" MEZZ-RHG9696
60"x72" MEZZ-RHG6072 (RO - Rough Opening Required)

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