Modular aluminum fixed ladder with platform and fall arrest system Modular aluminum ladder for hatch access with retractable side rails
Aluminum ladder with parapet platform and weighted bases for no roof penetrations over parapet

Modular Aluminum Ladders

Modular Aluminum Ladders provide long term reliability, adjustability in field, and very, very quick shipping. 

A-Mezz can supply your site with a fixed ladder faster than you think. Most orders for our modular aluminum fixed ladders go out in just a couple of days. Heavy-duty USA extruded aluminum components are stocked and picked when an order is entered, saving you time vs made to order offerings.

Modular aluminum ladder with crossover platform, elongated wall brackets, fall arrest system, safety gate, and lockable access door
Modular aluminum ladder with crossover platform, elongated wall brackets, fall arrest system, safety gate, and lockable access door


Easily get your ladder to the install location. 

Ladder sections ship in 4' and 8' sections that are joined in the field. You can easily take the ladder to the site on most any truck or work van. The ladders have no problem fitting in freight elevators to access sites. If you choose a ladder with a cage, the cage is shipped knocked down. This helps protect against freight damage, saves a lot of money on shipping costs, and allows what would usually be a large, bulky ladder to be brought through most every door way to the install site. 

Example of packaged ladder with wall brackets and splices for a 24ft ladder - Max piece shipping size is 8ft.


Modular design gives you flexibility on site. 

Wall brackets are all shipped loose and are available in a variety of lengths, including adjustable brackets for lengths up to 40". Clearing gutters, windows, eaves, etc. is a breeze. The aluminum ladder is designed to be trimmed to length in the field allowing for a custom ladder fit at a standard ladder cost. Aluminum allows for modification without jeopardizing the integrity of the finish compared with a powder coated steel or galvanized ladder. 

Gutter crossover and short parapet platforms highlighting seam clamps and weighted base mounting options


Lower repair and replacement costs compared to other ladder types

The modular design of the MRL aluminum ladders means that it is not the end of the world should heights change or damage happen. Where steel ladders would need someone to field weld additional ladder length or a replacement section to the ladder at best, and at worst an entire new ladder, additional sections of the MRL aluminum ladders can be easily purchased and added or replaced.

What happens should a truck back into your ladder and damages the bottom portion? We can supply a replacement bottom ladder section that would seamlessly replace the damaged section with minimal install time and cost. Did the ladder location get moved from planning stage and now it is too short? We can again supply an additional ladder section to give you the added length needed without needing to replace the entire ladder. 

Angled versions with 75 degree

Available for heights ranging from 4'3" to 15'6". The modular ladders can be supplied for a less steep incline of 75 degrees. The modular aluminum angled ladders are still available with bolt down or non-penetrating ladder bottom attachments and platforms at the top up to 8ft long to allow for a safe ladder approach and exit.


Angled aluminum fixed modular ladders with crossovers for parapet and roof obstructions
Angled aluminum ladders with crossover platforms to clear parapet and pipe obstructions on roof. Non-penetrating bases.


Standard Duty FRP Fixed Ladder Specifications:

Material: 6106-T6 aluminum
Color: Mill finish aluminum
Side members: 2-1/4" x 1-1/2" x 1/8" 
Rungs: 1-1/4" sq serrated rungs
Overall ladder width: 23-3/4"
Standoff brackets - standard 11", adjustable option available up to 40". 

Designed to meet OSHA and ANSI standards

Modular Aluminum Ladder Options:

  • Stainless steel cable fall arrest systems
  • Parapet crossover platforms and returns
  • Gutter crossover platforms
  • Telescoping top side-members for hatch access grab-rails
  • Weighted base platform supports for EPDM roofs
  • Seam clamp platform supports for metal roofs
  • Lockable hinged and unhinged ladder access doors
  • Adjustable wall brackets for lengths up to 40"
  • Side member stile strengthener kits to allow for up to 20' unsupported by wall brackets.
  • Modular knocked down cages
  • Custom powder coat paint finish (additional lead time & cost)
  • Manufacturer supplied wall anchors (additional cost)
  • Non-penetrating bases
  • Aluminum self closing safety gates
  • Guardrail with multiple mounting options for roof edge or for pedestrian traffic control 
  • And many more - Inquire with A-Mezz regarding your specific need.



Safety ladder inspection checklist:

ladder safety inspection checklist

Typical Aluminum Uncaged
Ladder Detail Drawing:



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