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Ladder Accessories

We have many accessories available to modify existing ladders, as well as new ladders. 



Photo of extension ladder mounting bracket top mount
There will always be locations where having a permanently mounted ladder is not feasible. A-Mezz has a safe and secure solution for you.


We have extension ladder brackets available in two mounting options, face mount (for mounting onto walls) and surface mount (for mounting onto your roof).  These brackets, made of high strength stainless steel, are designed for a long lifecycle exposed to the elements.

extension ladder mounting bracket top and side view

 Simply hook your extension ladder rungs onto the orange tray and climb. When you get to the top, you can easily tie off the ladder to the bracket to ensure is doesn’t walk away while you are on the roof.

 Perfect for public areas life community centers, fitness centers, and anywhere else that you need safe roof access, but cannot have a permanently fixed ladder installed whether it is because of obstructions, safety, or security.  

DETAILS Extension ladder mounting bracket diagram

  1. Large scoop for extension ladder to properly fit into
  2. Slotted adjustments to level extension ladder scoop for sloped mounts
  3. Tie off points for extension ladder (x2)
  4. Adjustable extension to clear gutters etc.
  5. Ample hole locations allow for ease of installation regardless of mounting surface



Ladder rung cover renderOn average, anti-slip ladder rung tape needs to be replaced three times in five years. That adds up quick. Not just the cost of the replacement tape, but the time spent scraping and cleaning the rungs each time to apply new traction tape. A-Mezz can help. We can supply you with round or square rung covers for a permanent slip resistant solution.

Channel ladder rung cover installed with adhesive

These rung covers are made to order and come with pre-drilled holes to use mechanical fasteners with, or can be installed with adhesives. They can also be supplied with a metal core to weld to your existing ladder.


Available in a channel shape for square or round rungs, a half round for round rungs, and an angle shape for diamond rungs, we have you covered no matter what your existing ladder rungs are.



Grit colors for ladder rung covers

They are available in over 10 colors as well as a number of glow in the dark options to keep you safe on your ladder whether it is day or night.



ladder rung cover sizing


To order, we will need to know what the length of the ladder rung is (A), the size of the ladder rung (B), the shape of the existing rung, as well as how you would like to attach the covers to the rungs (adhesive, weld, or mechanically fasten). We will also need to know what color and whether it is single or two toned. 


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