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Fiberglass Fixed Ladders

Fixed ladders offer safety, strength and stability.

Our FRP Fiberglass composite ladders are built to last in a wide variety of environments including electrical substations, chemical tanks, exterior buildings, chillers, and more.

All aspects of our FRP fiberglass composite ladders have safety in mind. The standard fiberglass ladder color is safety yellow, but they can be painted any other color if required.

All mounting brackets, including floor mount brackets and wall brackets, are included with every ladder.


Why should you choose our fiberglass fixed ladders over other options? 

Fiberglass fixed ladders are made to order.

Each and every one of our fiberglass ladders are made to order - ensuring that you get the proper ladder built to your site conditions and requirements. Not every install occurs on an interior flat wall, and when we make each and every ladder to order, we can adjust components as necessary. 

Fiberglass fixed ladders are easily modified in the field.

Our fiberglass fixed ladders ship with the standoff brackets and foot angle brackets shipped loose. This allows you to locate the best mounting location for your brackets. This also allows you to make modifications to the ladder in the field. Need to trim down the size of the ladder due to your pad being poured too high? No problem. Need to adjust your wall mount brackets for an uneven surface? Again, easily done with our FRP ladders. You can make necessary adjustments to the ladders without worrying about repainting and hot permits like steel ladders would need. No more cold galvanization spray needed to touch up hot dipped galvanized ladders. Fiberglass is a smart choice that allows flexibility at installation. 

Fiberglass fixed ladders are lightweight.

Coming in at 3.5 pounds per foot for our standard ladder and 5 pounds per foot for our fixed ladder with the OSHA required fall arrest system (for climbs over 24 feet high). Comparable steel ladders come in around 11-12 pounds per foot.  Lightweight means lower freight costs and easier installations.

Fiberglass fixed ladders won't rust.

We use stainless steel fasteners on our ladders to give you a maintenance free, long lasting fixed ladder.

Fiberglass fixed ladders are corrosive resistant.

Our standard FRP for our ladders is polyester composite. We can also supply our fiberglass products in a vinyl ester composite for more corrosive environments. Imagine a ladder that would have no issue sitting in a 30-50% concentration of Sulfuric Acid at temperatures up to 160 degrees fahrenheit. Our vinyl ester ladders can do that. Consult A-Mezz for details on chemical compatibility.

Fiberglass fixed ladders do not conduct electricity or heat.

They are a great choice for use at electrical substations as well as for chillers and freezers.

Fiberglass fiberglass ladders are strong.

FRP has a higher strength to weight ratio than carbon steel and stainless steel. Our HD FRP fixed ladders exceed 1200 lbs duty rating giving you the strength to last against heavy loads over a long period of time.

FRP Ladder platform access 

Standard Duty FRP Fixed Ladder Specifications:

Color: Safety yellow
Side members: 1-3/4" x 1/8" square tube
Rungs: 1-1/4" x 1/8" round rungs - fluted - 12" on center
Overall ladder width: 21-1/2"
Standoff brackets: All shipped loose. 6' maximum spacing
Designed to meet OSHA and ANSI standards


Heavy Duty HD FRP Ladder Specifications:

Color: Safety yellow
Side members: 2" x 1/8" square tube
Rungs: 1-1/2" x 1/8" round rungs - fluted - 12" on center
Overall ladder width: 22"
Standoff brackets: All shipped loose. 6' maximum spacing.
Designed to meet OSHA and ANSI standards.



Rigid rail personal fall arrest systems to meet OSHA standards (required for 24'+)
Round rung with epoxy grit coating
Longer wall mounting brackets
Crossover platforms / Parapet platforms
Lockable doors at bottom - to prevent unauthorized access
Custom painted colors
Vinyl Ester FRP - for more corrosive environments
Fiberglass safety gates



Safety ladder inspection checklist:

ladder safety inspection checklist

Typical FRP Ladder Detail Drawing:




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