Extension ladder bracket in use

Extension Ladder Brackets Help Students Train

We want to highlight a project we completed for a local trade school. We installed our permanently mounted extension ladder brackets in their HVAC classroom. The brackets provide a safe and controlled environment for students to practice setting up and climbing ladders.
HVAC trade classroom with A-Mezz extension ladder brackets

HVAC trade classroom with A-Mezz extension ladder brackets

Many students in apprenticeship positions are knowledgeable about HVAC installation and maintenance, but students can often lack some overlooked skills like using an extension ladder safely. Our brackets allow students to practice these skills in a controlled environment before they encounter them in the field.
A-Mezz Extension ladder support bracket

Installed A-Mezz Extension Ladder Support Brackets below removable handrails

Each bracket features an adjustable tray for the extension ladder to sit in. Tie-off points on the brackets ensure the ladder is secure while in use. This eliminates sliding, falling, or unauthorized removal of the ladder while someone is on the roof. Additionally, the tray can be leveled when used on sloped surfaces.
The aluminum construction ensures that the brackets will remain in excellent condition even when exposed to weather.
These brackets are designed with options for mounting to a roof with or without gutters, or for wall mounting, eliminating the need for roof penetrations.
In addition to providing a safe training environment, our extension ladder mounting brackets can also be used to provide a designated location for roof access. This can help to prevent unwanted climbers and reduce the risk of damage to the roof.
If you are interested in learning more about our permanently mounted extension ladder brackets, please contact us at A-Mezz Industrial.