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Limiting the spread of COVID-19 with Acrylic Face Shields

Photo of countertop acrylic face shield in use at reception desk

Health and safety has always been a great concern of ours over here at A-mezz. From safety gates preventing falls to industrial guard rail helping keep forklift traffic where it belongs, we’ve had your back.  As businesses reopen across the country during this pandemic, an old concern has grown increasingly important:  the spread of communicable diseases.   On my rare ventures out, I’ve noticed a lot of people are not following the recommended guidelines for minimizing the viral spread.  There are countless people standing within 6 feet of one another.  Many of them don’t have a mask on or are improperly wearing a mask by leaving their noses uncovered.  It is important to have another form of barrier protection to help minimize the risk to our employees, so A-mezz is adding acrylic face shields to its product line.

Our new line of acrylic face shields are ideal for any industry where in-person communication is recommended or required, such as banks, coffee shops, or reception desks.  The transparent acrylic material is durable, and allows for face-to-face communication without masks while helping protect both participants from viral spread due to coughing or sneezing.   They are all American made, easy to assemble, and are available in desktop, tabletop, and floor stand models. We even have a X-shaped design to split up break room tables. As we attempt to reopen the economy during this global pandemic, it is important that we each do our part to try and limit the spread.  These acrylic face shields will help responsibly facilitate a return to normal face-to-face business.

using a x shaped face shield to divide a lunch room table

See here for more information on the various styles and sizes we offer.