Mezzanine Deck Surfaces: Roof Deck with Steel Plate

Let’s continue on with our discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of deck surfaces we offer on our mezzanines.  First we talked about corrugated roof deck with resindek.  We mentioned that it was an extremely versatile and cost effective solid deck type, but that as a wood composite material it doesn’t perform well in environments where it is prone to getting wet.  Next we talked about open bar grating:  an open steel deck surface that excels in outdoor/wash down environments as it allows water, snow, and debris to fall through.  While texture in the bar grating provides a very grippy surface, it makes it very difficult to move pallets across and there are times when you don’t want materials to fall through the deck.  Today we’re going to talk about a mezzanine deck surface that combines features of both of these — corrugated roof deck with steel plate.

Like roof deck and resindek, roof deck with steel plate is a solid deck surface composed of two layers.  The strength of the deck comes from the corrugated roof deck.  The steel plate is there to provide a flat surface to walk across.  Typically we use a smooth plate which allows for easy transport of pallets, carts and other rolling materials.  Every once in a while though, where this is not the plan, we’ll go with a steel plate that has a raised texture to it, providing a better grip.  It’s a very strong and durable deck surface, and being a steel deck, it holds up in potentially wet environments.  In particularly wet environments you’ll want to seam weld the deck and set up a drainage system so the water doesn’t get trapped in the corrugation.

The biggest disadvantage of roof deck with steel plate is its cost, which is comparable to open bar grating.  Many of the applications that call for a closed deck mezzanine would be equitably serviced by resindek as it would by steel plate.  The resindek would have the advantage, though, as it is significantly less expensive.  Unless it’s in a potentially wet environment or being installed in a location where no wood is allowed, you might as well save your money and go with the resindek.

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