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Papp Straub Associates is now part of A-Mezz Industrial Structures, LLC. 


You may have noticed that Papp Straub Associates has been a DBA of A-Mezz Industrial Structures. We are
officially changing our name for all day to day operations to A-Mezz Industrial Structures, LLC.


Why the name change?
Six years ago, A-Mezz Industrial Structures acquired Papp Straub Associates and has been running Papp
Straub Associates as a DBA of A-Mezz since. In an effort to streamline advertising, accounting systems,
vendor accounts etc., we will be changing all name details over to A-Mezz Industrial Structures, LLC.. A-Mezz
is a certified woman owned company that has been helping solve our customers’ industrial equipment and
material handling needs for over twenty years. We have always called northeast Ohio home.


What does it change for our customers that have been able to work with over all the years?
Nothing will change but the name. A-Mezz Industrial Structures will still be around to offer the same local,
hands on service we have in the past, whether you knew us as A-Mezz Industrial Structures or Papp Straub
Associates. We will still be available to discuss in person your particular need and help come up with cost
effective, long term solutions whether big or small.

What’s next for A-Mezz Industrial Structures?
One of the main pillars of our company has always been the ability to adapt. We react to customer needs
and tweak our products and offerings in order to help them. In the last few of years, we’ve seen an
increasing number of customers who are using the internet to start their sourcing and we believe that our
website www.AMEZZ.com is a great aid - it has the product information needed, posts of real industry
applications, and details on regulatory requirements, all in one location.


How do I contact A-Mezz when I have a need?
Our main line will stay the same for all requests 330-650-5561, and if you prefer to email, you can click on the "email us" link at the bottom of this page. All previous email address “@pappstraub.com” will be changing over the next few
months as they are moved to amezz.com domains so please use info@amezz.com for any requests to
ensure your message is received. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call. As always,
thank you for the opportunity to work with you in the past, and we look forward to many more chances to
earn your business in the future.

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