photo of closed Mezz-200 Pivoting Mezzanine Safety Gate photo of self-closing pallet gate photo of a slide gate

A-Mezz Mezzanine Safety Gates Give You More Choice

A-Mezz mezzanine safety gates give you a customized safety solution. They act as extensions for your railing system. Rather than get in the way, they provide safety without hampering productivity. Learn more about the styles and advantages of A-Mezz Safety Gates:

photo of pivoting mezzanine gate

Mezz-200 Pivoting Mezzanine Safety Gate

Cost effective gate pivots down easily for safe access to pallets.

photo of self-closing pallet gate

Self-Closing Pallet Gate

The pallet pushes the gate open. The pallet is moved. The gate automatically closes. Simple.

photo of dual interlocking vertical mezzanine safety gate

Dual Interlocking Vertical Mezzanine Safety Gate

Dual gate system that never leaves workers exposed to an unprotected opening.

photo of vertical lift mezzanine gate

Vertical Lift Mezzanine Gate

A simple, durable solution for delivering materials to another level.

photo of double drop horizontal sliding mezzanine safety gate

Double Drop Horizontal Sliding Mezzanine Safety Gate

Protects works on the mezzanine while at the same time giving forklifts room to operate.

photo of horizontal sliding mezzanine pallet gate

Horizontal Sliding Mezzanine Pallet Gate

For smaller spaces, a gate that slides horizontally instead of vertically may be a better option.

photo of three-sided vertical lifting mezzanine safety gate

Three-Sided Vertical Lifting Mezzanine Safety Gate

A three-sided cage lowers automatically to protect your workers from incoming pallets.

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