photo of self-closing safety swing gate photo of spring-loaded pedestrian safety gate in use photo of a stairway safety gate

Self-stopping Pedestrian Swing Gates

Control foot traffic with a self-closing safety swing gate

Unprotected openings can be found scattered throughout most plants and facilities. Stairs, platforms, mezzanines and catwalks – not to mention machinery – can all be lurking dangers if not properly protected from employee traffic.

An A-Mezz safety swing gate may seem like a simple thing. But these self-closing traffic controllers increase safety and are strong enough to handle your busiest day.

A-Mezz swinging gates meet OSHA standards and are:

  • Adjustable - Our gates have 2" adjustment increments and can extend for extra wide openings.
  • Self-closing - Stainless steel springs close the gate automatically, unlike chains.
  • Versatile - Fits square rail, round rail, angled rail - even a flat wall. The same gate can be installed for left or right hands.
  • Easy to Install - Takes just one ½" wrench and 5 minutes. Comes fully assembled with U bolts for quick installation.

AG Safety Swing Gate Sizes

Model Gate Fits Opening
Min. Max.
AG16-26P 16" 26"
AG24-40P 24" 40"
AG16-26S 16" 26"
AG24-40S 24" 40"

P - yellow powder coat
S - stainless steel