Industrial mezzanine photo

Mezzanines designed for your specific need.

OSHA-compliant ladders photo

All of our ladders meet OSHA and ANSI standards.

Roof hatch or scuttle photo

Many roof hatch and railing sizes in stock.

Modular building photo

Modular buildings and wall systems for a quick and clean installation.

Wire partitions photo

Create a secure area with custom layouts with our wire partition products

OSHA and IBC stairs and staircases photo

OSHA and IBC stairs for a variety of uses

A free-standing steel mezzanine floor can double your manufacturing, storage, production or office space.

Going through growing pains or the pain of downsizing?

During plant consolidation or facility expansion, your current space can quickly feel too small. A crowded space can be a dangerous and inefficient space. This is a good time to maximize the value of every corner of your facility including all that poorly utilize vertical space.

This is a good time to take a step back and look up. A-Mezz Industrial Mezzanine Structures can help you make the most efficient use of that unused vertical space.

A-Mezz free-standing industrial structures are:

  • Cost-Effective. Far less than the cost of new construction and in a fraction of the time, you can install an A-Mezz free-standing steel mezzanine floors and or modular in-plant office system in your existing space allowing you to better make use of the space under your existing roof.
  • Predictable Cost. A-Mezz pre-engineered structures have a predictable cost and most likely you will be able to accelerate depreciated of the purchase cost as portable equipment. Besides being a big tax saving, this portability and flexibility means more choices to adapt to future needs. Plus, maintenance costs are low and predictable.
  • Customized. Every A-Mezz mezzanine floor or modular building system is designed around your exact needs, to fit your intended use and your space limitations.
  • Quick and Simple to Assemble. Each system is designed and manufactured for ease of assembly and if need be disassembly. Our bolted systems do not require assembly welding. Other than your existing floor, our steel mezzanine floor and in-plant office systems do not require your existing building structure for support.
  • Complete. A-Mezz carries all of the handrails, material lifts, fixed ladders, partitions and safety equipment that you may need to complete your unique requirements.

Industrial Structure Products

  • Mezzanine Systems:
    Mezzanine floors, portable and free-standing versions, prefabricated / pre-engineered models, elevated platforms, IBC and OSHA mezzanines.
  • Industrial Ladders:
    Roof hatch ladders, parapet ladder, dock ladders, caged ladders.
  • Metal Stairs:
    Custom steel or stainless stairs, prefabricated metal stairways.
  • Roof Hatches:
    Galvanized steel roof hatches, aluminum hatch, sliding roof hatches, roof hatch railings, access hatches.
  • Safety Gates:
    For ladders & stairs, mezzanines, self-closing swing gates, lift & tilt pallet gate, sliding gates, powered or pneumatic mezzanine gates, hatch & dock safety gates. Safety interlock gates.
  • Modular Buildings:
    In-plant offices, prefabricated modular offices, portable office buildings, demountable wall systems, CMM rooms & enclosures, Chemical storage enclosures, process control enclosures.
  • Wire Partitions:
    Tool cribs, security enclosures, apartment lockers, wire garage storage lockers, wire mesh machine guards, parts crib.
  • Safety guards & Industrial Bollards:
    Guardrails, pallet rack guards, equipment, machine, transformer & forklift guards, parking lot guardrail, door guards, impact protection, column protectors, roof hatch safety rails and gates.

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